The tabs I've found only have the intro or only one verse, this song is amazing and I gotta learn to play it!
Today is the first day for the rest of your lives.
I agree. Revolution Deathsquad and Body Breakdown both have not been tabbed. They're really cool songs, and if people can tab Fury of The Storm, Operation Ground and Pound, Valley of The Damned, Through The Fire and Flames, Evening Star, and so on, then somebody can surely tab Revolution Deathsquad and Body Breakdown.

Get to WORK, people!

And actually for me I'd want the solo done first. Because that's the best part of the song. And the whole solo, not some random clip in the middle of it like somebody did with Body Breakdown. I wants the whole thing, starting from the hypertapping right before the part that sounds dangerously like the "mirror riffs" of Operation Ground and Pound and Cry for Eternity