I have recently bought a one of these guitars it sounds great looks great but it only has 1 strap button WTF please enlighten me how the **** the strap works, i aint botherd trying yet
lol...no strap for you until you get a replacement strap button.
Yup, need 2 strap buttons. If the hole for the strap button is still there, you can just find a screw that fits the hole. Just put some washers around the screw first then give it a couple twists to make sure it's secure. Olay, you have a temporary strap button. It'll work well enough until you get a replacement.
Please stop, the idiocy is killing me here

It comes with 2 strap buttons.

If it only has one then you need to either...

-take it back if the guitar was new, or...
-find yourself a new button if you bought it second hand.

It's not "bad Ibanez bad", it's "bad daft person who didn't check the guitar before buying it bad"
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