Hey guys

i've been wondering if anyone has heard good or bad things about this bass.

The other question is, is this bass that much better than the OLP MM2 - the only difference I can see is that the MM2 only has a single pickup, while the OLP MM22 has two. What performance change would there be going from a single to a double pickup?

Basically, any information would be great! (No reviews currently on the main site )

I've played the OLP MM2 and it was really nice, great jazzy musicman tone, heavy bass. The only negative i've heard is that you have to be real careful with it because it tends to break easier than most. Also paint chips easy.

I'm guessing what you'd get out of the MM22 is a more versatile tone witch can never hurt, and plus it looks a hell of a lot cooler, lol.

here is the harmony-central page for OLP, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Marshall-MB450H-450W-Hybrid-Bass-Head?sku=484009

i sugjest calling up your local GC or Sam Ash and seeing if they have one you can go try out. I haven't been in a GC that doesn't have one of these lying around so it should be easy to find.
OLP's are a bit hit or miss in my experience. If your going to buy one make sure you try it first and buy the one you try if it's ok, because some of them really are not. I made the mistake of buying an MM3 online, which turned up with a badly bowed neck, the pickup wasn't even screwed down and it had a few proud frets, causing fret buzz unless the action was super high.

The MM22 has an active EQ, whereas the MM2 doesn't so the MM22 will be quite a lot more versatile in terms of the range of sounds you can get from it, in fact if I had to choose one I'd definately get the MM22 as the passive pickup on my old MM3 was a bit dull sounding.

I wouldn't be too worried about an OLP breaking though, my old one was built like a tank, a crap tank, but still a tank.

If I was you though I'd look around and try a few basses in the price range, there are definately better ones out there for £270/$540
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