So I'm getting an electric guitar for the first time. I would call myself a beginner, but I do know how to play a little - I know some chords/power chords, some simple riffs, and some simple solos. I can improvise a little bit in G major, and Em pentatonic. I'm looking to play a wide range of music, but I guess my focus is on rock.

I've narrowed my guitar search down to two:

(the orange one)

in worn brown

I've played both of them, and they feel and sound ok to me, but at my level, I don't think I can really reliably tell. I can get the yamaha for $399 (though I think I can get the guy to go lower) at a local music shop with some stuff probably thrown in. I would order the epiphone from guitar center website.

So which one would you guys get? Do you have any preferences or biases for either model or brand based on experience or what you've heard? Are there any particular design flaws in either one?

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I would have to agree that Epiphone produces quality instruments. My experience would lean towards Epiphone.
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I don't like the shape as much, but that Yamaha does look like it's of better quality. Why not look at an Epiphone Les Paul around the price range of the Yamaha?
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the yamaha is freaking ugly, but it looks like its better quality overall, and that's what matters.
I would say the Epiphone.. I heard the Studio Models were Nice
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thanks for all the replies. so it seems that the votes are about split evenly so far. any details on why you would prefer one or the other would be great (ie. someone said that the yamaha had better features - which features are they? and how important is that?)


Simple enough. Stay away from Epi's you dont get to try out first. Unless you enjoy replacing pickup selectors.

Plus, on paper, the Yamaha looks like it'll blow the epi out of the water.
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I'd go for the Yamaha. Not sure why.

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I've played the Yamaha in question and a variant or the epiphone and there's not much between them. I wouldn't favour either. Yamaha build quality though is outstanding and the tone is very good.
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I got my first guitar from my friend. It's a Tribute. (ASAT Special for just $20 along with the gig bag) For some reason it's a bit easier to use than any other guitar I've used so far. She said that she got it for $500 and that it's really easy to learn on.

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For me to make a good opinon, I gotta play it first. But on my own knowledge, I would say the Epiphone.
I have a Yamaha bass which i'm very happy with, because Yamaha produces excellent range *flamewall* FOR THE PRICE, such as pacifica but in this case i'd say

Epiphone because it should be better xD
If you can afford the Yamaha, then you can also afford an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, which is much, much better than either that Epi LP Studio or that Yamaha.
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Yamaha, I've yet to play a bad Yamaha so that's as good a reason as any. On the other hand I've played some nasty Epiphones.
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Yeah, do play them, i have also played VERY horrible Epiphones to REASONABLE Epiphones, the range does seem to vary..
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Yamaha, I've yet to play a bad Yamaha so that's as good a reason as any. On the other hand I've played some nasty Epiphones.

exactly, agreed.
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Definately Yamaha. It'll kick the epis ass, Yamaha isnt a very well known guitar brand but they make excellent stuff. Epiphone is owned by gibson and fairly overpriced, although they generally make quality gear you occasionally get really crappy ones.
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so i'm guessing the problem with epi is bad QC?

Yes, especially the studio series.

Every DOT studio i touched in GC the knobs were falling off. He(the sales rep) said that the studio Epis have poor quality. I saw a few reviews on youtube and two of the guys with Epi studios LP's said their knobs came of fairly quickly and easily. And teh electronics inside are subpar.

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alright, thanks for all the advice. I think I'm going to go with the Yamaha, since I won't be able to play that particular epi if I order it. wish me luck in the haggling.