hey just wanted some input on my first significant gear upgrade in quite some time, i just got back from a 2 month job and made some decent money and ive already got an ibanez steve vai jem on its way but as im in a spending mood i've been looking into picking up a pedal or two as well, ive been looking at the boss ds-1 which everyone claims is very good for a cheaper pedal and maybe looking for a tube screamer. any suggestions?
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i think the DS-1 is one of those pedals that you either love or hate, so try before you buy. The DS-2 will actually get you closer to the sound of the DS-1s that most bands use, as the DS-1 has been mangled into being built on the cheap more and more over the last 10 years or so, so it doesn't sound as good as the older versions, whereas the DS-2 remains the same as it ever was, and when it was released, mode 1 was based on the DS-1 sound. Its pretty identical to the classic DS-1 sound. the DS-2 also has the mid-boost setting.

what amp are you using? this information could help.
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i play mostly heavy stuff along the lines of metallica and satriani and steve vai but also like to play some psychedelic rock as well. I'd be running the pedals through a decent little traynor amp but on that note i might be looking at getting an amp upgrade as well but i probably wont have more than 600 or so to spend. i dont gig or anything so i dont need something overly powerful.

whats a decent priced amp that could get me melting peoples faces in no time?

also i seem to hear amazing things about the ibanez tube screamers except that some of them you have to get modified to really make them shine? anyone know anything about this?

also im hearing mixed reviews on the DS-1 , i would like something that lets the guitars natual tone shine through as well considering thats why i bought a new one, is the ds-1 going to do that or just make it a distorted mess?
If you want the natural tone to shine...a DS-1 isn't the answer...at least stock. There are some simple mods that can correct this though, if you are a tweaker

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