well, my band recently ditched our singer - he not only became a homo asshole ("not there's anything wrong with that" just a little quote for you seinfeld fans out there)
but was a fairly ****ty singer, who barely sang in front of us either.

so my m8, who's in a band wifout a drummer, and who doesnt have any practises, wanted to practise wif us, came around for a jam wif my band. he sang (he's a ****ing awesome singer) thought we were good, as we thought he was too.

so we decided to ask him to switch to our band or play in both, he declined, because his music is orientated around Punk/Hardcore, and ours is Alternative (sometimes punkish).

So we not only got our hopes up, but we also ****ed up.

we're holding auditions for new singers for the band in (australia's) school holidays, and so far have 4 definete potential singers, and a couple who are currently deciding. the problem is that my friend was probably the best of them . just thought i should vent.

cheers bandleaders forum
Aw man, what a bummer about him not wanting to do two projects. I mean...what's the hold up, his current band doesn't practice and doesn't even have a drummer. Oh well. I'm sure you'll find someone. Singers and guitarists are usually the easiest things to come by.


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where abouts in aus are you bro?
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?
ah bugger, nope im in perth. (would be a long drive there and back :P)
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?