when i am recording over something else, or sometimes even the first track, the music will lag, making a glitch sound, and the recording with continue in real time, but the recoding will be like half a second behind, because of thehalf a second of lag.

its like when a game lags, it paueses then continues.

is there anyway to fix this or should i just use some new software, my computer is fine, its a new laptop, so i dont know why its screwing up.


does this happen to anyone else?
Audacity is really just like that. I would use some new software.

Oh and...

i wanted a mac. but ****en hell. would have costed me another grand to get one with the same specs as this pc. gah, ill get a mac when this one ****s its self or becomes to outdated in like ten years. i promise.

im trying out reaper, is it hard?

i love the simplcity of audacity haveing thoose six command tools up the top, and the play pause record panel is so easy. everyuthings so easy with it.

oh well, gonna try to get used to reaper, i just got the trial version, is it fine? or should i try to torrent a full version or something?
Quote by GNRjungle87
Audacity is really just like that. I would use some new software.

Oh and...


Well, I've never experienced anything like that with Audacity, and many people use it without a hitch. And I know you were only joking, but I hate it when people think the only way to record is with a mac. ...

Anyway, what are you using to record, because it stills sounds kind of like a latency problem to me...

As regards to Reaper, there is no trial version as far as I am aware, the version you download IS the full version, you just get told to pay for it in 30 days or something. It doesn't force you to though, all the features still work. You might consider paying for it though, since it's really cheap.
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yeh sweet. it is full version. but trial.

i plug my guitar into a mixing desk into the line in of my computer. i get latency but fix that up easily. whats happening to me is it puts the actual one track out of time.
Sorry, I'm struggling to understand quite what's happening.. could you explain it in detail? lol
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so okay.

i record the guitar part and its all normal, everything is good.
i start to record vocal, i get about halfway though the song and then the first track playing in the background like glitches, like it lags for a second before continueing playing. it sometimes makes a brrr noise when it happens.

and then a second later when the music continues, and i keep recording it all sounds fine.

then when i go back to listen to it, the first track (the guitar track) is fine cause it hasnt been changed since it was recorded.

but the newly recorded vocals go, and theyre fine (once i fix latency) they are in time and sync and everything, untill it gets to the bit where the computer lagged in the recording. the unnafected first track just continues playing normal, and the vocal track, because it lagged, goes out of time and is a second late.

because the guitar just keeps playing in time, and it had the little pause from the lag.

does that help?

thanks for your help by the way.
Are you recording with every other program closed? Because it sounds a little like when your PC lags due to overclocking. Try closing everything else under processes on task manager.

Also, try downloading Reaper and recording with that and see if it still happens.
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yeh, everything was closed.

i think it could have maybe been a glitchy audacity. i got the instal from a cd that came of a memory stick that went through the rain that came from a xternal hardrive bought of a bum who traded it for his fake leg. etc etc.

using reaper now. alot harder to understand, but havent had the problem yet. thanks heaps fridge raider.
Yeah, it is harder to use, but it has a lit more features, and it's far better in my opinion. Holds up pretty good against expensive software like Cubase. Glad you got the problem sorted.

If you find you don't like Reaper, you could always try downloading another version of Audacity, which might work.You can find one here. Download ver.1.2.6.
There is poetry in despair.
are you using any type of audio interface?

Raper is hard to understand...I started on Audacity and moved to it a year after myself but once you learn it its an awesome program.

I can compare some of its features to Cakewalk Sonar...just a different layout.
Watch your system resources while you're recording. Use task manager or any number of free programs on the net. Look and see if RAM or CPU is maxing out at the time of the "glitch".

Also what's you're system specs?

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