Hello everybody its me again i have a roland micro cube and in fact im not sad about it but i want something with eq. so since i liked the rolands i looked in the 20x version of it. i only play with r-fier and jc-clean in my micro cube so what you say if i sell this one and get a 20x.? maybe most of you will say get a 30x instead but really i dont have much money and dont think 20 and 30 will differ too much FOR ME. so what you say?
what are you planning on using it for? gigging or just as a practice amp? do you play in a band and need to be heard over the drummer?

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no no i dont have problems like that its just for house practice and just for getting a better metal tone.(micro's metal tone is not bad but if the smaller one is like this im eager to hear the bigger one)
or should i buy a eq pedal instead cos i listened my friend's 20x cube now and it didnt seem to have a lot difference...