i liked that it had that RATM feel. you did a really nice job with that. nice job with the break down before the solo.the solo was sweet (nice trills). i alsowas impressed at the use of effects . you screaming really was good, because you also pulled off the singing too.
I sense you are a RATM fan Very well done. Nice incorporation of some more electronic elements, and the lo-fi vocal style I always like. Great leadwork too man.
that was sweet, hopefully you don't get a narrow minded examiner, cause that deserves top marks. Nice work.

Were the vocals actually from ratm songs? They sound exactly like the singer.
No, all origional work and recording. I did the rap (i had a bit of a cold on the day so they are a little nasal) and the other "blink of an eye" vocals were from the bands singer of link i posted above.

Other than that, george bush makes an appearance at the start, some BBC news report in the middle and Al Gore in the second verse.
"suicide hotline, please hold......."