Does anybody know what pedals were used by Max Cavalera and Jackson Bandeira on the first Ross Robinson-produced Soulfly album ?
I'm very interested in the pedals they used to get the "filtery" harmonic sounds on top of their basic riffing sound, e.g. in songs like "Tribe" and "Bleed".

Any idea would be highly appreciated !!!!
Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for replying so quickly.

Well, to be precise :

the song "Tribe" : as of 5m30s (the long outro where Max names all the different kinds of tribes), you can hear clearly on the Right Channel a sharp filtery sound every last beat of the measure ; the riff goes from beat one to the first half of beat four and then the guitars "take a breath" and during that "breath" there is this sharp, hissing filtering effect on the guitar part in your Right speaker.

I've been wondering for years now, what that effect is, because it's pretty awesome.

Seriously ?
Cuz, i own a Bass Balls pedal and that gives me the Mick Thompson touch (Slipknot), but not this kind of sound.

Cool thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!