ok heres the story my school just had a donation an old beat up looking musicman 100 watt tube amp that just happens to have a spring reverb and and the reverb/distortion are foot switchable. it is a 112 combo and i would like for you wonderful people on UG to help me out finding such information as to what its worth and how it should be taken care of because i cannot find anything that helps me in anyway shape or form as to how one would clean up such an item and whether or not one should ask the music teacher who received such a donation to limit such an amp to trusted students use as tube amps are a bit touchy for one who doesn't know what they are doing from my knowledge at least.

thanks in advanced and cheers
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Not sure what amp you have, or the value in Sydney, the those Musicman amps are generally pretty affordable in the US. Many have SS preamps and tube power sections. This tends to bring the value down, too. But they're still nice amps. Underrated, IMHO. I'd expect an amp like that to sell for about the price of a new Fender Blues Jr., if that helps you at all.

They should be fine for use by any student who can be trusted to let it warm up for 30 seconds or so before playing, and keeping the volume below a level that will deafen the other students. Otherwise, there's really nothing really too touchy about them for anyone to use.
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hope that it sounds really great though, i've never played one
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I played one of the 100watt all tube stacks based on the Fender Bassmans. great blues and clean tone. I would have loved to try it with an overdrive.
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My friends dad has one.

I guess what happened is the guy who designed Twin Reverbs left Fender for some reason to build them with Musicman, so its essentially a "better" twin reverb.
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They're GREAT amps.

the OD channel usually sucks but the cleans are to die for. They are alot like twin reverbs or deluxe reverbs .just amazing cleans.

the one I tried used 6L6s
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