Another thrash metal song I finished today, I personally like it but it might be a bit repetitive, because it's about 5 minutes long.
I know the name might seem silly if you're not familiar with astrophysics, I will probably change it.
The fact I know what the title's about makes it the coolest I've ever seen

This is easily the most energetic song you've written, at least in the ones I've seen. The main riff is very cool, and although the solo's a bit repetitive (the tapping especially), it fits in well. The drums might need a little variation once in a while too, there's only so much kick-snare I can take really. And it might seem a little repetitive at first, but hell, most thrash songs without vocals end up being pretty repetitive. Don't worry about it.

Solid 9 out of 10, I really, really enjoyed this.