Hi people,
I'm a guitar player and I use VST only to amp it. (Yea I have all the possible plugins )
I'm trying to play Rage Against the machine, Bullet in your head.
and the solo is quite tricky... http://www.gilamran.com/BulletSolo.mp3

Can someone here knows how to reproduce this sound?
I use mostly GTR3, so... if you have any idea... I'd love to know.

Thanks people.
Basically he's messing with his modded pick up switch going down the neck with wah on. You might be able to get a similar sound with a slicer and a wah or by using a double volume pot guitar and turning one of them down to 0 and switching rapidly. Plus some slap back delay might help.
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wow, this are too advanced for me...
can you please do a noob "translational" ?
hi i'll take a guess at it..it sounds like it could be a wah pedal with a dampened rythymic vibe to it then towards the end it sounds like it is either an other overdubbed guitar or possibly unisons or maybe even an octavia(could be a uni-vibe)....it is reminiscent of some of jimi hendrix sounds,hopefully someone with more experience on effects will be able to help you get the desired effect or something very similar
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wow, this are too advanced for me...
can you please do a noob "translational" ?

The solo isn't possible if your guitar doesnt have two volume knobs or is modded with a "killswitch". You'll also need lots of effects for it.
Sounds like a DD-20 with a lot of reverb. At the end maybe a split output with a delay. I've never heard of the killswitch or dual volume knobs, so I can't comment on that.