I'm thinking about getting a second guitar and I would either like to get a Epiphone Firebird or a Fender Telecaster 72 custom.

Which guitar would be better for Foo Fighters/Nirvana/Stone Temple Pilots type music?
Can the Firebird handle distortion well?

I only have a starter amp right now, but I'll be upgrading to a Marshall MG100DFX or MG250DFX.

I now know that the Marshall MG series isn't very good. What are some other amps in that price range that you would recommend?
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i would go for the tele, also i would stay away from the MG series of marshall amps, marshall amps are good but their mg series is not.
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but I'll be upgrading to a Marshall MG100DFX or MG250DFX.

i'd go for the firebird. what an awesome lookin guitar... and you are inviting all manner of negativity with that comment above... i can hear them typing now...
Thank you please.
Agreed. For the price of that Marshall you could get a lovely sounding valve amp. What's your location TS? That will dictate the amps that will be priced right for you.

US - check out Crate and Peavey valve combos.

UK - Laney and Peavey is your friend.
Stay away from the newer MG's. If you can get ahold of an older model like the MG80CD that I have currently, the MG series can truly be worth it. They have gone downhill, but the older amps sound very close to their tube counterparts.
Use the money for the MG250Dx etc.. (Roughly about...$650?)

Get yourself a Peavey VK or an Orange for now. Try out an Epiphone Valve Junior or if you wanna' cut price get a cheaper guitar (Fender Standard tele) and get a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or the Orange Tiny Terror with a Vox V12bn cab.
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