hello, i have been a musician for almost 13 years, playing guitar is what i live for. I practice 3 or 4 hours a day, and can play anything. I am getting really depressed because while i can learn a very hard song in an hour, it takes me months to write a song of my own. I need theory training badly, because while i can write riffs and leads they are never what i want, and when i play what i want to play it sounds lame to me. Even when i write a song and its sounds great to me that day, the next i hate it and throw it in the scrap pile. My friends tell me i am really hard on myself and they love the music i write, but to me i feel like i need some direction. Maybe its writers block, maybe it really does suck, or just maybe im way to much of a perfectionist to create something i will be proud of. Check out my mp3 in my profile, i like the lead tone but hate everything else. Tell me if its crap. Does this happen to anyone else? I am just really unsatisfied with myself and need some advice.
Dude, your friend is right. Based on what i just heard, your playing is solid and you've got a good start on composing. You're too hard on yourself. Only thing I can recommend for you is to play what you're feeling and what you love and to get more music theory training. You have all that you need, just play what you feel.
i really liked the mp3.

its not mentioned in your above message, so im going to assume you are not in a band. sometimes that can be all the inspiration a person needs. just being with other people who love music as much as they do can provoke song writing ability.

seriously, the mp3 is awesome.
i think that the mp3 is wicked.

what don't you like about it? and what comes into your head to play next after you hear that (i.e. in the context of a song)?
Im not in a band right now, and it sucks so bad. I played with some guys who lived next door to me in my apartment but they moved 2 months ago. I have tried to start a band but my situation is really hard. I work 50 hours a week on third shift, my car broke down a year ago and i dont know any musicians here ( i live in tn). I really dont want to make a band have to follow my schedule and cart me around, it wouldnt be fair.
Thats heaps good, lots of energy.
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man music theory classes seem like they would do a good bit for you, the mp3 was great, and even though youve been playing for 13+ years i bet music theory could do you a good deal for your composing.
I have the whole song written and recorded ( the bass and the guitar parts anyways). I cant upload it though, because i use a boss br600 and it only transfers the data in wav format. I got the other one on here because i found a software program on the net that transfers wav files to mp3 format but it started to mess up my computer so i had to delete it. I like some aspects of the song I like the lead work in it, some of the new riffs in it are awesome, but i felt something when i recorded it. I dont know what it was, it sounded really thrashy and made me feel like im one with my guitar, its hard to explain but im sure you all feel the same way about your guitar. When i listen to it just doesnt give me anything, i feel nothing towards it. My theory structures around scales, modes, and anything that fits right.
have you read through the theory sticky on the main page?

given that you have played so long and have probably come across numerous chords/scales, i think that learning music theory for you would probably "click" alot of things into place on the guitar.

other than theory it is helpful to realise that it's not just you that goes through periods of writer's block or lack of inspiration. and being hard on yourself and saying that you suck will only make you feel worse. i'd say go back through your songs and music and instead of picking out things that you don't like, pick out things that you do like and tell yourself why you like it. that's always a good source for inspiration.

don't be negative and learn theory. i'm sure the rest will follow.
I Have enrolled in the Recording industy major program at MTSU, and plan to minor in theory and songwriting. Trying to get enough knowledge to be a sessions musician in nashville. I know theory would help me out alot, but its going to be awile before i can even get into my core classes. I dont think lessons will be good for me now.... i have never had a lesson before and i cant afford it.
like the mp3
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Oh yeah man sight reading sucks. i use to be a violinist and it was so easy, but guitar is so difficult. I just gotta push through this, and get my life back together. Everyone, thank you for giving me some perspective. Oh and thanks for the idea for converting those files.
Great mp3. I wouldn't change anything

I think you just need to relax when it comes to songwriting. Accept that it's not perfect, but that you can always improve on it later and that you will get better as you keep doing it. In fact, if I were you, I would sit down and make myself record an entire album's worth of material over the space of maybe 3 months-even if you hate some of it. Come up with 10 songs or so, record, mix, and put them together. Keep your deadline.

If you do this, I can almost guarantee that you will be more comfortable with the songs you write, and you will certainly be better at actual songwriting. Good luck.
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That MP3 is awesome! I love the lead and there's plenty of room for additional awesome-ness, especially with that solo!

Seriously, I dread to think what you throw away allt he time. You could be throwing away some fantastic stuff!!!
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there was a lot of feeling in that song, it comes through on the leads like "I'm a bad ass mutha ****a" you're too hard on your self.
i am in class and didn't get to listen to the mp3 but from what i read, i think i know what happens cause it used to happen to me when i was makin music back in high school

i would make somethin and love it but by the time it was to the point i thought it was perfect, i've heard it so many time that i was sick of it and thought it sucked, maybe that is your problem

you're playing out your own songs and to you, it sucks, because you've heard it so many times, i bet in a few months hwen you come back to some old recordings you'll hear the quality of music that you're producing...

just a thought
Dang man, that mp3 is sweet. Don't worry that it takes longer to compose songs. I'm sure the songs you are learning weren't just written in a day.

And absolutely you would benefit from theory lessons. Anyone would really.
Hey, I can relate to what you were talking about with getting halfway through a song idea and then looking back over it and thinking it's crap, I do the exact same thing. You're not the only person that happens too, if that makes you feel any better.
dude, that mp3 was so sick. it sounds professional to me. its better than anything i could write and ive been playing half of my life.(8 years)