So i bought a Ibanez RD600.
There was this buzzing sound all the time.
I had thought it was the action.
But after getting my bro's guitar teacher to adjust the action/ neck, there's still this buzz sound.

Could it be the humbuckers?
Cause its not that when i use the single coil.
And i'm too lazy to bring it to service. (Shop's really far)
Quick question - when you touch a metal part on the bass - like a string, does the buzzing stop?
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It's odd that the single coil doesn't but the humbucker does. I'm going to venture a guess and say that you're wrong and it is indeed the single coil. To be frank, that's the one vice of a single coil and there's not much to do about it in my experience, short of getting a noiseless pickup. Believe me, I've tried.