I'm trying to do some basic recording at home... i've used the cool edit pro software to do some home recording and the sound card that was provided with the pc with some ok results (www.myspace.com/stondbangalore and www.myspace.com/darkdeceptionbang)

i was thinking of upgrading my sound card and have settled on the m audio delta 66 (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-Delta-66-Digital-Recording-System?sku=701345) ... do you think this is worth its money? are there any specs that i should be specifically looking for? have any other sound card within the same price range??
M-Audio make some great products. I'd be confident of achieving much better results with that card than with your stock one. And the breakout box makes it convenient and easier to use too.
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Yes, that particular card is worth every penny. You'll need to invest in some decent preamps for your mics though, as the 66 doesn't have built in preamps.

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