Quote by Fast Forward

Living thing,
What did it do to you?
Karma’s gonna come,
And catch up with you,
One day somehow,
Everything’s gonna come,
Crashing down like a wave,
Too much information I am not your slave,

I’m living in an information overload,
My time is not mine,
Too much stress too much strain,
Apply enough force,
We all break just the same,
I won’t come clean I won’t come out,
There’s blood on your hands,
When you wash them in the fire you know you’re burnt out,

I am trying, I am trying,
To hold on to the surface of the earth,
I am trying, I am trying,
I’ve still yet to find out my worth,

It’s New York, Times Square,
In my mind,
Billboards flashing people passing by,
Takes one second to know I’m there,
I could lie on the sidewalk,
And nobody cares,
Can feel the heat of friction everywhere,
Ear to the ground, cities cogs turn round and round,

Inspired by having an information over load in your mind, when you feel like you can't deal with everything.

great man.
in every line i could relate.
excpecally teh age i am.

mines in my sig.
please crit.

but really done well.