(a) What do you want to buy?

I went to a local guitar shop and was toying around and the guitar that felt best was the Gibson Les Paul with the 1960's style neck. I also played a little with a Telecaster Thinline which felt pretty good, though I do not really like the Semi-hollow

(b) What is your budget?

My budget is small, I would like to say under $500, maybe 600. I'm a broke ass college student, so less is more.

(c) What type(s) of music do you want to play?

I really like the sound of bands like Sonic Youth, Joy Division, At the Drive-in, Mars Volta, and The Smiths. Also I really enjoy the sound of bands like Russian Circles and Dragonforce for the lead stuff.

I don't have any equipment now, at least for the guitar.

As far as playing experience I have a some noodling on the guitar, but I played Double Bass and a little electric base over the years. So in other words I can play a stringed instrument and I know a fair amount of theory, but as far as actual guitar experience I have very little.

I am willing to buy used. I have at least one friend who would help me check out used ones. And I'm pretty involved in the music scene in my city so I have people willing to help me pick one out.

So basically I'm just looking for some direction in what I should try out when I go to the store next.

My intentions as far as amps is either a microcube or one of the little voxes, I don't intend on really playing shows, this is more studio.
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well if you like the gibson you can try and find a epiphone les paul of equal build
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If you have only just started playing, I wouldnt reccommend a gibson. Is it £500 or $500? If £500 definetely don't spend it all on your first electric.