i've uploaded it to my profile, its a slow arpeggio piece that i made to start practicing arpeggios. i think its got potential and im trying to work out other parts and maybe expand it into some sort of full song, hopefully more shredtastic any crit, comments thoughts are welcome. few sloppy parts i know but im just focusing on the musical aspect of it. keep in mind its very short as i just made it as an exercise but i think it has epic qualities hidden inside :P
This is good stuff dude, I wish i knew scales like you do. I like the little run you start at around :50 or :51, whatever that little lick is it sounds great and a little familiar or nostalgic somehow.

other than that i think you have a great sense of tempo and your note choice is spot on, i think you could definitely make a cool track outta this, or maybe record a rhythm part to go underneath and turn it into a solo. either way i think you're on the way to shredding so keep on playin man

if you got time to crit a little rhythm metal piece please check it out
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