i've played guitar for amlost 6 months. i dont know what's my skill level. Am i behind where i sohuld be
Shoud i spend more time practcing and or learn the songs compleatly. but i just want to know WHERE DO I STAND as a GUITAR PLAYER

Stuff i can play (almost 6 months playing guitar)

Sweet Child O' Mine- full solos is weak ; hypnotize - intro
One- intro ; headstrong- intro
Seven Nation Army- FULL ; so cold- intro
Carry on wayward son - intro ; eruption - part of it
Superhuman - Full ; simpsons theme - full
Smoke on the water - main ; knights of cydonia- intro
the man who sold the world- intro; europa- intro
rock you like a hurricane- FULL ; black magic woman- intro
heart shapped box - intro- chorus ; when september ends- intro
paint it black- chorus ; godfather theme- intro
beast and the harlot - intro- chorus ; woman- intro chorus
sunshine of your love- Full ; lonely day- full
iron man - intro- chorus ; come as you are- intro
boulevard of broken dreams - intro - chorus; laid to rest- intro
slither- chorous ; seek and destroy- intro
mississippi queen - intro chorus ; last fight - All but solo
last child - intro ; mother- intro
raining blood - intro ; bulls on parade- intro
reptilia - intro introlude ; star spangled banner- intro
silent night - full ; fake it - full
deck the halls -full ; eifersucht- intro
anarchy in the u.k.- intro, chorus; you really got me- intro
jingle bells - full ; soy bomb - chorus
Not very high because gh songs are easy.

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There is a difference being able to play a song, and playing a song well.

You could hit all the notes but it could be ****.

Yes. I agree
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Carmel is hawt

1: Nobody's gonna read all of that...

2: We wouldn't care if you suck, having fun is the most important thing, not skills.
for all we know you could know all of the songs but play them worser than anybody in the world..
I would say in guitar grades you're about a grade 2
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I'd suggest learning one song at a time and getting each one down really well, instead of just learning a chorus or intro. It just seems sort of pointless to me to play the intro and say, "look how cool I am guys!"
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for all we know you could know all of the songs but play them worser than anybody in the world..

like your grammar?
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I never quite understood the whole thing about what you can play being related to how good a guitarist you are. At the end of the day with enough practice you can probably learn to play some technical and difficult songs. What really defines a good guitarist to me is someone able to create good melodies and lines off the cuff, not reciting other peoples work.
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2: We wouldn't care if you suck, having fun is the most important thing, not skills.

if you want people to rate you as a guitarist just put some mp3s on your prof (dunno if you have already) and to this thing there...
This is one stupid thread.
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Instead of trying to learn small parts of songs focus on one song until you get it all perfectly, then go to the next one.
Man stop trying to compare yourself to people and make yourself seem mightier.
Just have fun man. Thats what music is really there for.
learn the full songs
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What you can play is very simple.
Not really "impressive",
Sunn O))):
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i bet you're lying
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im 6 Months, and im better, im not hear to gloat.

but i think you should learn more full songs than intro's, it helps dexterity and endurance.

i can play about 10 full blink 182 songs, greenday, a7x, billy talent, ratm, muse, rhcp
lol at the GH songs

From what I understand I think you're doing good, if you've spent time learning to play those songs ok and remember them.

Do whatever you feel, have fun.
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im 6 Months, and im better, im not hear to gloat.

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you could learn to play a million songs but not even know where to start your own, i dont know alot of songs made by other people but i made songs as long as that list that are my own.