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Well, I've been wanting to do another song, and I happen to love this one. It's also rather fitting I do it now as my dad died last weekend. So, the song took on a whole new meaning to me. The cover isn't perfect, but I'm sick as a dog right now and can't re-do it until I feel better.

Anyways, hope you enjoy. It's in my profile(link in my sig).
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That is really good mate, you have an amazing voice. If you sound like this when you're ill, i can't imagine how good this will sound when you're well

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Your voice sounds nothing like grohls, and thats why I like it. It is very sad sounding, and you definitely have the ability to sing the screaming parts. Too many people try to do this song and scream, and it sounds horrible. You did a good job there. I heard a little voice crack but whatever.

Keep it up man, its powerful.

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You've done a nice mix between the guitar and vocals. Sorry to hear about your father. Music is always a great way to express ourselves.

The guitar sounds nice. I haven't heard the original in quite a while, but it sounds good.

I think your voice got progressivly better as you went. It'll probably sound even better when you're not sick.

Nice job.
Yeah I can really almost feel what your feeling while you're playing this song. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. If you think of him as your hero, this must be really tough for you. I like it a lot and you did a great cover of one of the best Foo Fighters songs. Keep it up and you'll make it through this mate. =]

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