Hey all. I am a relatively new guitarist (about 2 months) and I just had a quick question about a fingering technique. I'm trying to play something like this for example:


I'm fretting the B string with my index and the G string with my pinky, but my pinky always ends up muting the B string. I have my thumb on the lower half of the neck and I am playing with the tips of my fingers, but no matter what I do (unless I bend the B string, which doesn't produce the sound I want) my damn pinky always gets in the way! Is there anything I should be doing differently or does it just take practice to get used to? Thanks in advance.
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Just a practice thing,normally fingers dont get use such as that so it takes time to adjust and stretch. I used to do excercises to see how far i could stretch my fingers and it helped, try that.

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The fingers you are using couldn't be any better, but it's how you're doing it.

Try to positioning your hand so that the fingers are more arked if that makes sense?
So just the tips touch the strings with knuckles slightly bent, that way only the tips touch and all the other strings should ring clear.

I'm not great at explaining, so I could take a picture if that helps?

You'll eventually find a technique that you find comfortable, after all you've only been playing for such a short amount of time, trust me you'll get the hang of it soon.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I will do some stretching exercises to get my hands used to being in different positions. And Paul, if it wouldn't be too much to ask, a picture would be great! Thanks again.
Complete guitar n00b, and not ashamed to admit it!

That's how I would fret that particular chord... As time goes on you'll find it alot easier to fret and do chords.

I remember it was quite frustrating for me when I began, struggled to play some of Sabbath. Just don't give up!

Hope that has helped!

I would say you should put in some finger stretching exercises daily for about 5 minutes per day. It's only 5 minutes out of your time and you'll really notice the differance within a few weeks. I would recommend watching the first few minutes of "rock discipline" to see a good finger stretching exercise.
Alright, thanks for all the help. I'll take everyone's advice into consideration.
Complete guitar n00b, and not ashamed to admit it!