Hey dudes i have a Job interview for Daddy's Junky Music store should i wear anything special. Its just a music store job like sales and gear consulting. its in 2 hours and 15 minutes right now i'm wearing a white stripes our shirt black shorts and converse all stars (high tops). so should i change
yeah i'd at least wear some pants
Oh f*ck it,
I'm gonna have a party.
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It was totally weird.
SUIT! First impressions are lasting. Failing a suit a shirt and a pair of slacks
Isn't that in Boston?

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Suits are not ALWAYS important. Casual dress for a casual job would be preferable for me at an interview if I was interviewing as a suit would look over the top, especially if it's for a music store doing sales stuff.
Collar shirt, black trousers or smart black jeans. Black shoes or boots. Smartish casual jacket. This means you are not overdressed, but don't look like a bag of ****. Even if it is a casual job, until they get to know you and realize (hopefully) how responsible and reliable you are, they will go on this impression. So give them something good to base an opinion on.
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more like WINcest amirite?
I went to almost every interview I had in a t-shirt and got every job.. except when I had one at a movie rental place, but that might have been because I told the lady I wanted to be an astronaut when she asked what my career goals were. And when she looked at me funny, I said I have dreams.

Talk about Star Wars during your interview.
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This thread title sounds like the title of a creepy incest movie.
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interview was a success in street clothes so ha. I now will go on with another interview for which i will have to dress accordingly but the first one was a very casual one.