What are your thoughts on the Fender Super Reverb? I'm going to assume that they have great cleans. I heard Derek Trucks uses one and he gets a great overdrive tone out of it with just the guitar and amp. Also do they take pedals well? I have a Fulltone '70 Fuzz and a Proco Rat and I really like the way they both sound so I'd like to keep using them. I know that the Fender Twin Reverb doesn't take pedals all that well, is the same true for the Super Reverb?
I've always known Super Reverbs to be phenomenal, LOUD, amps. I wouldnt suggest one for bedroom practice, but if you can crank it, you're going to have probably the best tone on stage. They will fill a room though... and your ears.... so be careful.

I'm not sure about the pedal question, although i've always thought that twins were known to take pedals quite well?
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They have great tone.
I probably would have walked out of the store with one, but the SR there had some problems, and I didn't want to deal with them. Plus, there was something a bit better/more versatile that I liked better. The tone was great on the SR, I just felt that it squashed down and compressed a bit too much for my tastes when I cranked it up high, but the tone before those high of volumes I really liked. The fact that it had some problems didn't help any though, so I decided to go for the one I liked better/was in better shape.
But, if you can find one in good shape, and at a good price, go for it!
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Are you looking at a Blackface or SilverFace? They are both loud, high headroom amps. The Blackface sounds smoother than the Silverface and the distortion is less harsh on it imo. That said, ideally they are both amps that you should use pedal driven distortion/overdrive for.