Hey, this is very last minute for me =P

I have to send off a stage plot to the organisers of Frenzy festival (all-day christian music festival) at which my band are playing on the second stage

I have to use one of their amps cos I don't have any way to transport one of my own, the choices are:

* Framus Ruby Riot
* Fender Twin

best example of the kind of tone I need to be able to get is on The Farewell at http://www.myspace.com/ourfutureglory on the lead part when the heavier stuff kicks in. I'm running a Boss GT-6 effects board.

I'm also wondering about running the 2 amps in stereo, since my pedalboard gives me the option of doing that

Just really looking for advice, since I have absolutely NO idea about what these amps are like, and what would be more suited to this gig

I know there's a 'which amp' thread already, but figured this didn't entirely fit that.

quick responses would make my day =]