im currently playing a Jackson JS30, the one without the tremelo. it sounds pretty decent and i like the feel. but i was looking at an Ibanez ARX-320 i might could get for around $200. would it be worth it to get the Ibanez over my jackson, or would the sound quality be roughly the same for both? i know the Ibanez is worth more than the Jackson when new, and it gets awesome reviews. just not sure how they compare.

I play a lot of rock/metal, mostly the "older" stuff (Metallica, GNR) but i also play some punk stuff too.

The Ibanez is not going to be an upgrade in anyway. What kind of amp do you have? Iwould stay away from low end Ibbys anyway. I had one that was worse than some 80s Hondos and Samicks.
im using a microcube. i live in a dorm room so a bigger amp wouldnt help me at all, but i am open to suggestions on that. mostly im just a little bored with the jackson and saw that and thought it might be a deal worth looking at.
ok same question but now my JS30 vs the Epiphone SG G400? i just realized i can afford this guitar and have always loved the looks of the SGs, (big ACDC fan)
the epi g400 will kick the jackson js series all over.

the js guitars are horrid and tend to fall to bits. i had the limited edition js30rr with gold pinstripes and duncan designed pickups - started to come apart after 2 days so i returned it and invested another 500 smacks on something better.
hmm, my js is very nice and ive been playing it near every day for the last 5-6months and nothing has gone wrong with it other than the back strap pin coming out, but a little J. B. Weld fixed that right up. no problems since.

i think i may just have to get that G400. it was the first guitar i wanted but both couldnt afford at the time and didnt want to invest too much money if i wasnt going to stick with it.