hi there guys,

this summer im gonna be far away from my computer, so no guitar pro for me sadly.

and no metronomeonline.com either, hehe

so as you may have guessed already, i have to buy a metronome, and i have no clue about whats a decent one, ive been browsing a bit on some onlineshop and ive found this one which seems ok



Tama RW105 Rhythm Watch - 30x programmed presets, 9x different beat configurations, cymbal stand mountable, volume control, tap-tempo function. Connections for power supply, headphones and footswitch. Includes batteries and leather bag.

do you think its worth the money? 85 eur - 140 us dollars
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well as ive said before, i have no idea about metronomes, so if someone could tell me the difference between 25 EUR and 85 EUR metronome it would be nice :S
probably an expensive metronome will have lots of options but you wont use it anyway... ( wow you can even buy a cheap computer and install guitar pro to it with 140 dollars)