Im thinking about selling my Kinman Woodstock Plus set since I dont use my electric as much these days, and dont need such a fancy set.

These are hailed as the best noiseless single coil pickups around.
Why am I selling? I play electric only sparingly, I play acoustic most of the time these days, so these are overkill. So gonna use these to fund my recent head-fi purchases.

Kinman prices are about to go up imminently.

Bought mine just two years ago, so they are the latest versions, they are in mint condition because I dont play electric that much!.

I am looking for £140 for these. Make an offer .

Im located in UK, so if you would like em, send me a message!! . I dont mind posting internationally, but I will hold no liability for postage other than whatever insurance method you request for postage.

Heres my e-bay feedback:

EDIT: new photos added 16/06/08
I took these just today, for those of you worried by the old photograph I had up.

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Now ill also consider a straight trade for Vox Tonelab LE ~(i guess trades would probably only really work in UK)

Bump! . Btw, the photo is old, because I only took it when installing the pickups. Check my ebay feedback, iv got a good track record.
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EDIT: new photos added that I took today, in case anyone was worried by the old photo I was using.