I'm feeling that it's about time for me to upgrade to a more reliable amp head. (im currently using an old acoustic b320 from the 80s). I need something with good power and a big beefy tone.

I play in a 3 piece punk/hardcore band so i need something thatis really full on the low end to make up for the lack of a second guitar.

I've had a few amps in mind . some i have played, others i've read about, and some i cant find anywhere. I was wondering what the major tone/volume differences are between tube, solid state, and hybrid bass amps?

These are some i've had in my mind:

Peavey VB-2 (cant find in any store or find any reviews)

Marshall MB450H (cant find in any store or find any reviews)

Trace Elliot AH500-7 (a tad on the expensive side)

Traynor YBA200 (how loud is 200w tube power?)

Markbass R500

Markbass TA501 (a tad on the expensive side)

Ampeg SVT450H
how loud is your guitarists amp?
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he has a 100w all tube ampeg guitar half stack, it gets balls loud, never been up past half. the reason i want a liud one is because most places i play dont mic the bas into the PA so i have to overpower the house mix too
I was looking at the same region of amps as you and settled for an Ashdown ABM500, it's a fantastic amp, 575 watts (hybrid) and plenty of low end. When I was choosing my amp the last 3 I shortlisted to were an Eden WT500, the Ashdown and the Trace Elliot you're looking at.

I haven't got opinions on the Peavey, Traynor or the MB R500. I didn't like the Marshall, the MB is a bit like their MG guitar series, very disappointing. The MB TA501 was a nice amp, didn't have the sound I was looking for though and the Ampeg I was also disappointed by, it just seemed like a poor-man's SVT.
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I played that trace elliot in guitar center and it really blew me away tone wise so if the Ashdown ABM 500 is that good i'll have to check it out, im liking that price too.
I love Ashdown gear, it was actually founded by a few members of Trace Elliot who left to found their own company. They've just updated the ABM series too so you get a compressor now.
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Well there's a testimonial from David Ellefson. Take it however you will.

Punk/hardcore is pretty much the only scene where I live, and I've seen things from Carvin to an Ampeg SVT. The guy with the Carvin NAILED the Klaus Flouride tone, though he may have been using an overdrive. In terms of wattage, you should try to get around 500 watts to have good enough headroom. I would count out the Marshall for sure, and then try out and see what you like. IMO hybrid amps, though they can be good, are largely a marketing technique. Sure, it makes a little difference, but not as big as they will tell you. If you don't have lots of money, the choices for tube heads is fairly limited, so I would go solid state, unless you REALLY want tube tone.
No. Factory direct only, hence the great value for money.
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do you think it'd be worth it to order one and take a chance then if its not good send it back within the 10 day period?