i recently changed the pups on my epi firebird studio for swinesead warthogs but had a problem with the bridge bucker so i sent it back for replacement, in the meatime i replaced it with a cheap fernandes i had lying around, well anyway i got the warthog back today put it in and its almst dead quite, wen playing through my amp when i play on teh neck positions its robustand loud but when i switch to bridge there is almsot no sound at all and all the gain goes, anone knw wot is causing this?

any help appreciated
poor wiring connection
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I guess you already thought of adjusting the height of the pickup so that the strings really are inside the electromagnetic field...

but thats really a noob problem and you probably thought of that... I had a similar problem once with my epi LP after fixing the jack, then it was the groundwire that had shortcircuted.. try jerking around with the connections and see if the sound changes, if it does I'm afraid you might have to go over all connections again and redo some of them...