Does anyone have problems with having a skinny index finger that you bar it kind of mutes the 5th and 4th string because theres not enough meat to give a good hold on it? Its kind of annoying.

I know that when playing Major and Minor Chords its okay because there is the other fingers covering that area, but in this song i'm learning, theres a lot of picking those strings while just barring the 5th fret on those strings and it just sounds muted.

Any advice would be great. thanks

i have the same problem..usually it means i'm just not pressing on the string hard enough...i'm kinda curious tho how you get pass that also.....lol
Hopefully you are right Gregg.

I'm left handed playing right handed guitar, so my Left hand isn't weak so to speak. It just feels that the 1st and 2nd joints are "bulky" and the skin in-between concaves in, so its like i can't get the the un-muting regardless of how hard i push it. If i move the index finger down a little, it un-mutes the 5,4 string but then it it just shifts the problem down to the 3,2 strings. haha
I used to have the same problem. Just practice them a lot and strengthen your fingers. Try to evenly displace the force across your whole finger. I find I use my wrist a bit to get proper tone out of all the strings, rather than that muted sound you mentioned.
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I have that problem only on the first fret with my acoustic and electric, mainly because I use .12 gauge strings. But yea, strenthening your fingers and grip is the only way.
Push down as hard as you can and really FOCUS every time you play them. Hopefully, you'll just do it without thinking after awhile.
If that doesn't work, when you're picking the strings you're having a problem with, try to adjust the pressure so they'll sound out. It's cheating but hey, if it works...
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