Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one of these?

I've only found one site which sells them: http://www.katanaguitars.com/ but it says that the website only sells clones (I'm not entirely sure)

Also does anyone know if these would be sold in guitar shops in the UK, as i really want to try one out and am wary of buying one without trying it out and regretting it.

No, but I can tell you they're friggin amazing instruments. The sound is very airy, but I'm sure you have youtube capabilities. Mine was a lot lighter than my current telecaster.
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Yeah I've seen a YouTube vid of someone playing a left handed one.

I just don't know of legit left handed thinline teles exist
yeah they exist but they are really hard to find...

if i were you i would just check craigslist and eBay daily.