So a few weeks ago or something I was listening to a Rise Against album (Revolutions Per Minute) and then "Any Way You Want It" came on and I was like, "Whoa, Rise Against are **** but that is an awesome song so they must be better than I thought to write it." Then a few weeks later I found out it was a Journey cover and felt like a tool.

Same thing happened when I was listening to The Used and "Under Pressure" came on and I was like "WOW AWESUM" and then it was a Queen cover.

Wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else?
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you're an idiot.

Yes........Yes he is

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I know better now.

It was just the first time I had heard that song, and it happened to be the cover.
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you're an idiot.


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so i was listening to "Come Together" by Michael Jackson....

just kidding.

Remembered another one, I heard Aerosmith's Come Together and thought they wrote it.

Oh hohoho. How silly of me.
I heard the Darkness's cover of Radioheads Street Spirit, then I heard the original.
Much prefer The Darkness's version, as the name street spirit has connotations more fulfilled by The Darkness's version.
If you don't like it, don't quote me adding "Aw your such a ballbag for preferring The Darkness to Radiohead," cause you can suck my balls.