Third track down. I recorded this with just my laptop mic, so the sound quality leaves much to be wanted. Comments on tone are appreciated as well.

Thanks fo the crit. This has got a really lazy feel to it. Were you stoned when you wrote this and that's why you were hungry? lol. Anyways, I did kind of like it cos i'm in a lazy mood right now. The quality as you've explained kind of sucks but the tone overall sounds pretty decent.
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No prob.

I actually wrote this when I woke up this morning. Now that you say it, it kinda does have a lazy feel to it. Usually when I play this particular progression, it has a bit more bite to it.

Yeah, recording through laptop mics is balls, but no money means ****ty recording.
I love blues. Excellent job, definetly has a laid back feel to it. I think that you are on your way to getting a really great bluesy tone with your solos (I listened to few of your tracks) but as I'm sure you're aware, blues is a feeling and a tone and just knowing the scale doesn't mean you can play the blues in a sense. I think you are on your way though! I suggest I tiny bit more bending and vibrato in spots as you solo. Keep up the good work and continue sharing.

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