The bridge on my Strat is raised up from the body on the bottom part, as if the strings are pulling it up or something. whats the problem?

thanks for any help
I'm gonna guess your string guage is too thick. I had this problem on my Jackson for a while, my strings were too heavy.
you need to adjust the spring tension to match the pull of the strings.
im guessing you switched to higher gauge strings
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hey wait a minute, there are different settings for strat bridges with a trem. one of the standard ones is to have the bridge 'floating' so that it's not pressing down on the body at the back, that way your trem can be used to raise and lower the pitch. optimum gap between the trem plate and the body is about 1/8inch (3mm). if that's what you have then it's OK. however some people like to have the trem flat against the body, that's done by increasing the tension in the trem cavity on the back by adding more springs or tightening the screws that hold the claw.

If you have a much bigger gap than this, then yes its probably because your string gauge is too heavy for the spring/claw setting in the cavity on the back and so it needs tightening up as explained above. this also raises issues about neck bowing and the need for truss rod adjustment. have somebody experienced have a look at it if you are not sure.

sorry if i'm rambling on.

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