Greetings! I decided to record this live, to try capture the raw emotion. So it's supposed to be rather messy. I'm going to redo it later on...but I'm curious to get feedback as to how it is in it's current state.

C4c if you leave a link.
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Whoah you have a very unique voice. The lyrics are meaningful and you have a nice style. I think it could do with just a pinch extra to thicken up the song imo, like I little melody over the top. However this is a good song. Good job. p.s balancing is awsome.


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anie!!! you're back!!! alright, i'm off to listen to this here sexiness.

i like the intro lyrics. they're really set a great picture. nice job with the palm muted triplets. the harmonies are really quite good. good stuff. i shall look forward to a full version.

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I like your singing I remember hearing one of your recordings way back. I think it would sound better if you projected more. You sing out of your mouth too much and not enough out of your diaphragm.
Hmm I listened to your stuff a long time ago and loved it and saw your username so I had to search. Still turing out really good stuff :thu: very unique voice. You're a skilled singer. I love the harmonies. I can never sing that good or write vocal melodies that good or catchy

So, overall, good damn song crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=882193

edit: one suggestion. Are you using compression on the vocals? It sounds like they need to be a bit more compressed. That's about all I can think of. Good song
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I like this - it's one of my favorites from you - the vocals are def solid and the harmonies during the chorus are pitch perfect - as for this being live its hard to tell great job... the mixing is solid the compression is light but useful (if your running any compression on the guitars - it sounds like a little bit but It could be the way the mic is)

I feel like sometimes I have a hard time understanding what your saying but your style of singing is unique so I wouldn't change it just because of me...

BTW I love the synth and distortion in balancing...

I really think you should get some high quality gear and look into maybe becoming a producer for other acts because you have a great nack for chord progession, mixing, and addition of synths... - Some helpful hints on that note - make sure you always using a metronome (on balancing it seems maybe a little of time in some parts but its possible its just my ear.)

What kind of gear do you have? It's clean but I really think your getting really great at this recording thing
^Thanks a lot everyone.

And ovdojoey...Yeah, I actually recorded the main guitar part of 'balancing' without a metronome, and just went from there. Hahah, I should stop doing that. Right now I'm basically just using a Presonus Firepod interface, sometimes called a FP10. I usually just plug my guitar straight into that interface. And then I use a Rode NT1-A mic for the vocals. My stuff should probably sound way better quality wise than it does with the equipment I do have, but I just don't know very much yet. It's a slow learning process for me, haha.