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We’re writing sins in the backs of Bibles
We’re playing god and enabling the disabled
We’re carrying signs with
Messages of the apocalypse
We’re copying and pasting lifestyles
From one document to the next
We’re fighting wars with atom bombs
And chanting phrases while pumping our fists
We’re conflicting each other
Over wires, through windows
On sins that will always be hit or miss
We’re losing our beliefs in me, myself and I
We’re launching the bomb, in response to their bomb
That caused our neighbor, friend, and their economy to die
We’re using technology to help us survive
We’re using curse words to describe our lives
We’re using similes and synonyms
We’re using metaphors and acronyms
To describe our daily life
Conditions of our government, husbands, brothers, and wives
We’re giving up, but not giving in
And it’s amazing how one of our rivals’s scared acts
Has become one of our personal sin
It’s just a quick definition
Of what we’ll leave for our future generation
We’re using ignorance to cope with fear
We’re using drugs to make days feel like years
Monday to Sunday is just one week
But it will seem like 1900 to 2013
We’re using somebody else’s opinions
To anchor our own beliefs
We’re taxing our people
So they’ll get relief
And we’re leaving those people who fought for our freedom
Without shoes, or socks, begging for change on the street
We’re losing faith in our own superstitions
We’re committing crimes, with evidence considered omission
Left has become right, and right has become wrong
We’re leaving town listening to the top 40 songs
We’re institutionalized
Written into history
But we’re undefined
Turning into men and women who have lost their right to speak
To a government whose encouraging conformity
I’ll give my money to you, if you vote for me
We’re all living with a mentality
That if you shoot me with one bullet
I’ll shoot you with three
I’m just waiting to push pause on this DVD
Push the menu button, and select the scene
When we happen to all agree
Shake hands, and live in harmony
We’re living in towns
With the echoing sounds
Of love, peace and happiness
We’re giving up and giving in
And eventually, we’ll retreat back to the early days
Of civilization
When we’re all primitive
And don’t believe any of it
Saying “you give me that, I’ll give you this”
We have to start a golden age
Right here
Right now
Before the author of this book
Starts the next page
No one will know what the future brings
If our civilization
Doesn’t let the message of freedom ring
Tied down by the shackles, looking out the window
To see what pitch the perfect storm sings
We’re writing sins in the backs of our bibles
We’re writing slander, and speaking libel
And we’ll never realize
Until the days we die
That as human beings we’re not programmed
To see eye to eye
So until we agree to disagree
Our mission will have to be
To save the future of humanity
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