As I hammer notes on the treble strings while fluttering my floyd rose tremolo bar, I always get unwanted noise on the bass strings. Yes, I could essentially mute the bass strings with the bottom of my hand while I am fluttering, but I've never seen anyone else have to do that. What's the problem?
you just need to mute the strings like you said, it takes a bit to get use to and get it right. just practice.
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sorry for the off topic question but what exactly is this fluttering, ive heard of it before but didnt understand and not quite from the video

ive seen a lot of people use their left hand to mute all six strings when using the trem a lot - placing a light bar accross all strings with ur index behind what your fretting (ofc wont necessarily work for everything )
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Really? Hmm, alright I guess you're right. To me it looked like he wasn't muting at all. Just gotta get used to these damn whammy bar techniques then

Also keep in mind there is alot going on there sonically, so even if some extraneous string noise was present, you wouldn't notice it because its not exposed.