I picked up a new effects processor on clearance today and it has 2 XLR inputs on it. I already have a really nice Samson C01U cardiod condensor mic that I've done some direct recording to the computer with before. The Samson mic is a podcat mic though, and it has a USB interface instead of XLR. It also pulls its power from the USB bus of the computer instead of a phantom power supply.

Are there any USB to XLR adaptors out there that will supply power to my USB mic?
sorry to say it bro but that aint gonna work no such thing exists. but you can get a XLR condenser mic pretty cheap on musiciansfriend.com
Thanks. I found one on a British site a minute ago for 35 pounds but that is too much. If I can't find an adaptor cheap I'll just pick up an SM57.