It's pretty catchy. I like it. The bridge is a little odd though.

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That's real stange stuff. Sounds okay. Your vocals need to more in the mix. The main part of the mix in a song like this really because lyrics mean allot more than in a more full song and I couldn't hear the lyrics very well. Not sure if you needed bass guitar in it or not, depends on where you want it to go. I would have it come in later on in the song and maybe ad some odd percussion like tamborine? It just didn't seem to go anywhere. But hey keep it up.
I quite like it. I think maybe alittle less FXs on the vocals and turn down the bass at tad and the guitar and vocals up. also like Orophin said maybe bring it in after the intro along with some drums. A few tweeks and this would be a really nice song.
Wow, sweet intro. This instantly sounds really odd, in a good way. I really liked the vocals. It was a bit hard to understand the lyrics though. Very interesting song overall. Nothing much to complain about, quality was pretty good as well. Thanks for the comment on mine.
I liked the sound of that alot. Has a '60s-'70s pop sound. Nice mix too. Lyrics had me chuckling in spots as well. Great job on this.

If you don't mind something a bit heavy, how about a crit?
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thanks for the crit everybody. I took some of your advice and did a new recording so please tell me what you think. also c4c of course
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Hey man, actually I liked it!! It sounds more like a pop version of Violent Fems to me though. The only suggestion I could give would be to tighten the song up a little. It seemed to me that it was a little out of time in places. It sounds like you ran a drum pattern and then just played live on top of it throughout the whole song.

The overall recording sounded good to me though. And your vocals are also good!