Here is a short instrumental, i guess you could call it some kind of metal. if you hate drum machines im sorry, but i just got a loop going. Emphasis is on the guitar i guess. I'll admit im not much of a lead player i focus more on rhythm so see what you think.

i recorded the rhythm track all in one go its pretty good but i hit one wrong chord at 2:15 haha, the lead i recorded in two parts, but its not really lead more just ambient noise to the track.

anyway feedback always much appreciated, ill try to return crits to anyone who posts

mp3 is called "to arms" and its in my profile

-remix is a version with redone tone and re-recorded rhythm, v3 is the same thing just equalized differently, listen to which ever you like, v3 has lead more pronounced, remix has very loud rhythm


hey guys thanks for all the feedback, sounds like my rhythm is gettin some love i dig it

Yeah I know the drums gotta go haha, im guilty i used the exact same loop on both my tracks, just different volumes.

I think I can refine this track some more like you mention, Ead, add more parts, maybe a break, just a little variety overall. These first tracks are my very first, i guess you could call em demos, but I'd like to work them into full fledged tracks. I think my next step is to clean up the guitar tone a bit, I'm planning to get some sort of interface so I'm not recording on a muddy analog line. If anyone has any good suggestions for gear to use (i record into a pc) please let me know.

thanks again all
keep rockin
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It's pretty good. The distortion sounds a little muddy, but other than that I like it. You're 'ambient noise' as you called it seemed too far in the back of your mix. I'd like it better brought farther to the front so that you're rhythm doesn't seem as monotonous. Again, these are just my opinions, but I think with some tweaking it could be a really good instrumental.
thats a ride song's speeding thru the sounds. i like the theme you catched, even the wrong chord you mentioned fitted in as a break ^^
the lead's helping the rythm to get a mood, good ear for that

my song
I like Gallop better, but your rhythm playing is solid as a rock. That mistaken chord was hardly a mistake at all, I thought it added some flavor. It's not a mistaken chord unless you have a band behind you that is dictating the harmony, right?

The ambient guitar noises are still cool though. But I like that kind of stuff.

Yeah, I don't care for the drums all that much, but moreso because it is like your other track.
i think this could be some solid headbanging material, man!
only thing i could suggest is maybe build a few different rhythms or throw in a little breakdown type of thing, something to just sort of elaborate on the theme. its cool stuff, just imo could use a bit more variety. i believe if you can take one riff like this and branch like 3 or 4 more good ones off it then you're a real kickass rhythm player, id love to hear something like that
Whoa, this sounded really cool. I was digging the drum machine =p. Your tone sounds a little dirty, but it's still pretty neat. I liked the first riff, it reminded me of For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. This track has a choppy feel which sounds really cool. Whoa, just listened to the reminx, the tone sounds MUCH better. This is some good stuff, hope to hear more from you, thanks for critiquing my stuff.
Definately re-post this once you get a recording interface. As it is, it has major potential as a great head-banger, but once you get the chance to improve upon the tone it'll be rocking pretty hard. When you do record it again, try to bring the drums up in the mix a little bit. All in all, it's a great tune with a great rhythm to head-bang to.
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Hey thanks for the crit man. i definitely agree with the guy above me about the headbanging thing, i can't help but nod my head as i'm listening to it right now. i would love to hear it in better quality, so if you ever get the chance to re-record it, send me a PM cause i would love to hear it. good track man, keep up the good work.
Thanks for everyone's input, all I had time to do today was record a short unplugged version of it on my martin acoustic

that's right... metal on a martin...
listen here