whats up everyone. Im in the market for a pedal board style effects processor. Seems like these are the best the market has to offer...Let me know which one you guys like better and why...Im more of a bluesy SRV style guitar player with american strats and a blues deville. What do u reccomend? ALSO which one has the most/best sounding artist presets? Thanks!
For this style, I think you're better off with some high quality stompboxes. SRV is not a big FX user.
I have some experience with the XT LIVE. the clean\low gain pretty much suck IMO, the high gain sounds are better. I don't like FX processors for low-gain stuff. For high gain I think it fits better.
strat player forever.
I like Line6's POD, actually I'm a POD XTL user, since I already have all the Model Packs and don't need dual tone or vocals - bass options I keep with POD. What I like the most in POD is the amp emulation, for me it is the best one, of course a lot of people would prefer Boss COSM emulation, but that one is not at all for me. POD also goes great on Stompboxes, Reverbs and Delays (again is my taste). Modulation efects is the weak point here... I really don't like much of the synths and other stuff in there. The emulation of the MXR Phase 90 is great though. The main reason I like POD most than other modelers/multieffects is because when playing with it, it feels alive... is the best I can do to describe, sorry, I'm not english native speaker.

With the GT series from Boss, my problem is the amp emulation... I judt cannot stand the digital tale of the COSM emulation (I know Line6 products obviously also has it, nut that one I like). The FX department is the strong side with this machine, I really like the effects from Boss.

Now, my brother plays with a ToneLab Le, and if you're interested in SRV style maybe this is the way to go. A lot of "vintage" feeling with the ToneLab. I really like it. You should give it a try. Actually try all of them, I've never used a RP from Digitech so I cannot say anything about it. Le you're own ears be the judges.

BUT, if you have already a Blues Deville + American Strats, I'd say try also some pedals, is not like you need a s**tload of effects to plays some Bluesy SRV style. I also think Line6 did a great job in emulating Fender amps...

Good luck in your quest!
thanks kahn ...big help. The stompboxes are a noble idea, but I dont just play SRV exclusively. I play covers in my band and like the versatility of for example my old amp a line 6 ax2. It had a bunch of artist presets. SO basically im lookin for something that has artist presets but also the ability to mix and match pedals to make my own tone. So far I really like the sound of the tonelab, but it seems like they dont have artist presets and that they lack in the effects department...any thoughts? Does anybody know if im wrong? The line 6 has everything i want, i just worry about the sound. I hear they dont translate as well as a tonelab through a tube amp like the blues deville. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!