I was recently watching the movie "August Rush" for those who have not seen it, I will briefly describe it to you:

A kid whose parents are both musicians, tragically lose him in the world and the kid ends up in a foster home. He then runs off, becomes homeless, and along the way he masters every single instrument he comes across. One of them was a guitar... he then becomes a composer?

At first I was amazed... and I wondered "Is this real? Is he really playing that?" Then I saw the other talented young players. That was real. It had to be. These kids were not more than 10 years old. However, the way they approached things. The kid learned to play incredibly well over night. Over night! I guess it was jealousy. Somehow, I didn't want to believe it.

Now, my question is... can this be possible? I consider myself a very smart individual, and I'm not sure what to believe, seeing what I’ve seen. This is why I would never underestimate genius. I've only been playing for two years and I've come a long way, but that's only because I've dedicated myself like a mad man. But seeing that... was just ridiculous. My statement, to my own question would be: It's really impossible to learn overnight. What is your thought?
give a kid a guitar when hes leik 3-4 years old an he develops skill better than someone learning from post-pubescant
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I personally have nothing good to say about child prodigies, and I shall leave the matter to rest at that. Most notably because I have many jelousies of them.
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. My statement, to my own question would be: It's really impossible to learn overnight. What is your thought?

i really wanted to see this movie and now you made me wanna go see if i can torrent it

but to answer your question, i think it's easier for young kids to learn how to play instruments at a higher proficiency quicker than teens/adults. when you're young your mind is a sponge soaking up everything thrown at it, as you get older you've got so much info in there it takes your brain longer to make new connections and store information (except for those exceptionally rare genius types)

i've met kids that weren't more than 8 or 9 that totally demolish me on guitar, just put me to friggin' shame and i've been playing for longer than they've been alive (13 years ish). so to answer your question, is it possible to become a virtuoso overnight?..... i wouldn't say OVERNIGHT, but i think a young kid could pick it up REALLY fast if they practiced alot.
Kaki King played August's guitar parts. Timothy T. Mitchum sang the young black boy's parts. It isn't very likely that someone can sit down and tap out harmonics very well their first try.
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True. But since it was actors, it's fake. It's somethin that really could happen, but is unlikely.
I also agree with both your statement, ocelott, and yours, Captain. It is NOT possible to learn overnight. Takes practice and dedication. And the younger you learn, the easier it is. That's why most guitar prodigies like Eddie Van Halen, Hendrix, Steve Vai, etc. started learnin on nother instrument very young and then guitar at 13 to 15. It also takes listenin to other great guitarists, like those guys I listed bove.
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I personally have nothing good to say about child prodigies, and I shall leave the matter to rest at that. Most notably because I have many jelousies of them.

me and you see eye to eye, i have an incredible jealousy of them as well
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I personally have nothing good to say about child prodigies, and I shall leave the matter to rest at that. Most notably because I have many jelousies of them.

Damn straight. I h8 child prodigies. Why? Cuz they ****in show me up!!!
I'm a guitarist who learned classical scales and blues scales and writes advanced solos usin those scales. Why the hell should a lil kid make me look bad?!!!
The answer is cuz he learned earlier and he has some incredible genius. But, seriously, damn.
I guess they're called prodigies for a reason. They are abnormally good at it. Mozart (I think it was him) started touring on piano when he was like 7 or something, and could write out the score for a peice he'd heard ONCE. I'd say it is possible, albeit unlikely.
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Here's an example, I heard the guy from Crossroads with Steve Vai, Eugene was taught the fingering for the "Eugene's trick bag". I saw the interview and he was taught the fingerings in a few weeks without any knowledge of knowing guitar. Probably the same case here.
Well... there was Mozart...although not overnight... you get the picture.
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A reassuring thing about child prodigies is that they are nothing but CHILD prodigies. A majority of them burn out unless continuely egged on by parents.

Mozart is a good example: had his father not hovered over him his entire life, he likely would have ended up in some European dump peddling cabbage.

Prodigy is limited; hard work is everlasting.
lol you guys sound pretty pist about these kids. that's funny. sigh, i guess i feel a bit bothered too... but mostly I'm just proud of those who can, because at least, hopefully, one of those few will be the next Hendrix, Van Halen...

Next question... is it only memorization??? Or are they really playing music? What do I mean? In the videos I've seen of kid prodigies, they are just going thru arpeggios, really, really fast. Or playing some AC/DC or some other rock song. I know I might make people angry with this... but I strongly believe that blazing thru scales is not very musically challenging. Musically. It's impressive nontheless, to blaze thru the fretboard... but musical??? This is why I'm very picky with the rock or hard rock i listen to... because it seems that rock's turning into that.... just a blaze of noise. power chords. smashed with high bends and heavy distortion. Memorization.... VS. Music. What do I consider music... my definition of music is a melody, a tone, a feeling that captures the soul. The lick that draggs you down when you remember a certain feeling. The lick that makes you jump with joy because it makes you smile. Music, to me, if I was to show a visiting alien species what humanity feels... thru music... would it be Mozart... or Slipknot? lol Ok... I can now get bombarded with comments. It's my opinion... i still respect "shredders" Dimebag Darrell in particular.
they kid is playing it but they cut the sound during that part and put the master track thats edited over it
the thing about child prodigies is that you hear of them once, and then never again. its like alot of the crack under the pressure
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IMO child protogies mostly burn out when they hit puberty, so its not really anything to be jelous of
It's definitely impressive and a little annoying that that little kid can wail on a guitar--most likely at his middle school talent show--but that doesn't mean 20 years from now he'll be the best known, most amazing guitarist out there. If all he can do is shred other people's songs and write songs that are similar in nature, no one is going to care. No one really cares about him that much now because there's plenty of other kids that can do it too.

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