So as the title says i got problems with my bass amp. Basicly when i plug in and turn on whenever i play something i can faintly here it really distortedly. Im 100% sure its not the lead or bass. Also on the input there was this nut thing around it that fell off dunno if thats im portant or not. Anyway help please
Put the nut back on. What kind of amp is it? If it's tube it could be that you need new ones. I don't think bad cables would cause thet problem.
Is the distorted sound in the background, or is the only sound coming out quiet and distorted? If it is sounds like the speaker is ****ed
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do you have an active bass? check it's battery!

i kindof need more information to help you with this problem man.
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I do have an active bass ill check the battery thanks. Its not a tube its a crappy 15w practice amp but its my friends so i dont want it broken
Yay!!! Turned out to be my active pickups the battery was almost dead so i replaced it and it worked. Thanks alot