I just thought of this stuff today and the other day
some feed back would be nice, and maybe some tips more comming up with more stuff.

It’s in your blood it’s in your soul
It’s hardcore, kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll
It’ll rip you up and it’ll tear you down
You know you love that ****in’ sound
So raise your fist and bang your head
Beat your skull until you’re dead
The noise is raging through your brain
Just ignore that ringing pain
It gives you life, it makes you nuts
It cracks your spine and kicks your guts
Your head is dead, your mind is shot
Stomp your feet until you rot
It looks good. I like it. Tho I usually prefer somethin a lil more intellectually deep, I like simple 'I love rock'n'roll' type songs. I do think it needs to be much longer tho. I'd work towards makin it a longer Thrash song. Cuz it definitely has the potential for that.
But keep in mind that not everyone will like it cuz of the obscenities and the aggressive tone of the lyrics themselves.
Great song. Maybe you could call the Song "Raise your fist"?