Well, I've been playing my good ol' acoustic for awhile, and my older cousin's going to let me have his electro-acoustic. It's a really old Martin Sigma TB-1 in black, and he says the electronics on it has been messed up, along with the pickup. He says the battery died... do I just replace it... with a battery?

I'm not familiar with electro-acoustics AT ALL except the acoustic part of it.

I'll post again soon with the specific problems and maybe some pics.


Try replacing the battery on it?
If it works.

Epic Win.

If it doesn't work.

Not quite an Epic Win.
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Lol, what's so epic about it? Is the Martin Sigma series that great? I looked it up on the old Martin Sigma site. It's a laminated spruce top! (Epic phail?)

I haven't gotten the guitar yet. You wanna explain to me how this "battery replacing" works? (I've been playing guitar for like half a year; all pure acoustic too, none of that fancy electric stuff.)

Is there anything about this Martin Sigma that I should be happy about?
there are 2 kinds of pickups. passive and active.
passives are just 'plug and play' while actives need batteries.
in your case, you probably have active pickups. look around the guitar for an equalizer, maybe the battery pack is there. if not, would be near the input jack. you would need batteries for the pickup to work, thus, for you to get a sound when you plug it in an amp.

Sigma is the sub-company of martin. they make affordable guitars. kinda like gibson-epiphone or fender-squier.

be happy coz you won't have to pay for it and it has a built-in pickup and EQ..

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