Trust in our father,
His message seemed so clear,
But I won't lie,
I don't know what I am,
I remember how I felt,
And how you looked away,
I thought my words would find you,
I'll keep believing my lie,
So maybe this time,

I believe one day I'll go home,
And I'll pull your pages,
I pray, dear god, I'll find her,
And give them to you,

I can't see,
My eyes are blurry,
But I'm tired, ...tired of seeing this dream,
We never were what I believed,
I'll never let you go, I'll never let go of you,
Remember what I wrote,
Alyssa your the only girl for me,
Quote by Mad Mike 829
Girl: Thats not that difficult
Teacher: Of course not, I wouldnt star you on something hard
Girl: I wanna see something hard
Me & Freind: Thats what she said!

ended up getting kicked out for disrupting class
i dont like the way way you named the girl.it stops people from viewing this song from their own perspective and applying it to their own experiences.

please look at mine.theyre in my sig

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