ok im 14 years old, and i just joined UG, but i've been playing guitar and taking lessons for about 8 years. like most things i do, i don't progress as fast as other people, so i'm worse than you think, but with 8 years, it's not like i'm horrible, i just don't get things right away.

i've heard a few people talking about musical theory. and maybe i know all of this and i just never heard the actual phrase, OR i'm just missing out on a lot. can someone please explain this to me?
Alright music theory is pretty much the concept of what chords fit with what, tempos, keys, and stuff like that. Its not that important if you just want to play the music but if you want to start composing music for yourself or a band its something you need to know.
there's some pretty good stuff on theory on this site... i myself down have it down yet nor would i be able to explain what i know in some short essay... i suggest you read up on it. theory's like a puzzle. you only start seeing it after certain pieces are there... if you have nothing on the board, then it's just a vast, empty nothing. don't worry though, you're 14. I suggest you just keep playing, and read up on it. and read more and learn more. I'm glad you're interested so young, I wish I would of.
oh ok, ty. maybe ill get a book about it or something because i'm starting to write my own stuff. if anyone knows of any suggestions that they've read, that'd be awesome.
**** i posted my last post after the first guy, didnt see the last two. ill read up on it, thanks
Well, if you want to compose, then music theory is the very first thing you should learn, specially if you want to have a wider range regarding notation, instruments, genres, etc...

If you will start playing guitar, and want a "quick" learn, then learn the whole chord, scale, mode, key stuff....

I mean, this would be kind of like "the prostitution of music" (lol a name my teacher put to it), meaning that it is done only to please the learner, and not to make the learner learn all the possible things....

I would say that if you want to get into it seriously, start by the very basics, sounds, how they are formed, compass, notes, figures, time signatures, solphaige, etc...
I think this site has a good quick theory lesson, in this very forum...