I really need to know whether or not to purchase this thing, I've been debating about it for a few days. It's got a thick enough sound for me, with the mahogany and everything, and the tremolo is a ****ing dream, but there's a few things I don't like about it which could greatly effect my playing.

I've never really played on a guitar with no inlays. Is that a thing most people get used to quickly? I tried this thing in the store for only a half hour and I must say it compromised my playing a tiny bit. One more thing, I play hard rock, not metal. If I need a low output, blues or jazz tone with this thing, will I be able to achieve it without much customization?

Overall this is a beautiful guitar but before I spend the money on it I need to know if these things are going to be a problem.
it still has markers on the side...so unless u REALLY suck that shouldnt affect you
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It takes some gettin used to. But no, lack of inlays should never affect your playin. It should easily get blues or jazz tones. They'll be deeper soundin than say, a Strat, but that's expected. Whether a tone is naturally high or low, it's affected by how much you distort it. Distortion is all electronics, not wood. So, yes, provided your amp has a decent blues or jazz tone, you should easily get a good blues or jazz tone.
If you are going to play only blues and jazz, you might considder something else then ibanez. Its a good guitar, but not superb for those genres. At least not the solidbodies. Try to find a used ES 335 or an Ibanez artcore. These will do much better.
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